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Overrated Movie List

Some movies deserve the hype they receive, while others just show that some people are idiots.

Yes the special effects were cool. But come on short attention span generation, the one dimensional characters, the predictable storyline, the cheese ball love story, this movie does not deserve to be the top grossing movie of all time. I'd rather watch Titanic again.

This Academy Award winning film is the best remedy for insomnia. I've attempted to watch it three times, and have fallen asleep every time.

People love this film for reasons I will never understand. Overacted, unbelievable, and totally overrated. Just like Al Pacino's career.

Lost in Translation:
I did actually like this movie, but I didn't love it. And I've talked to many people who just loved it. Anytime anyone says it is their favorite movie of all time, I kind of want to kick them in the twat.

The Kings Speech:
Yawn! Need I say more.

This is another one that I li…

With White Chicken

I'd prefer made with Caucasian chicken, thank you very much.

Police Academy Dropouts

More proof as to the uselessness of the Police Department. While responding to a call of a jogging man who was hit by a truck, cops make fun of the man and the truck driver.

Fox News Makes You Dumber

A new study done by the Fairleigh Dickinson University, polled 612 people to find out that people who watch Fox "pseudo" News actually know less than people who don't watch the news at all. Yes that's right, Fox News actually makes people dumber. And all this time I thought people watched Fox because they were already dumb. This could also explain why people in this country are getting dumber as well, since Fox is the most watched cable news channel.

The poll showed that people who watched Sunday morning news were the most informed with people who listen to NPR being the second most informed.

Republicans Vote to Raise Taxes for Middle Americans

They refuse to raise taxes for the richest 1% of Americans, because that is the group they are members, and who donates to their campaigns. But the Republicans don't seem to have any problems raising taxes for middle and lower class people in this country.

Read about the vote on MSNBC…

Rush Limbaugh: Climate Change Misinformer of the Year

In 1994 Rush Limbaugh declared, "There is no global warming going on," adding that scientists "admit" they "may need 20 years more data to prove it." Since then, Limbaugh has managed to shield his brain from 18 years of mounting evidence that humans are changing the climate.

Read the full story at Media Matters...

Lame Football Penalties

I was watching Monday night football this week and watched one of the players get a penalty for taunting. Maybe I don't watch enough football but that was the first time I witnessed someone get a penalty for taunting, which made us watching the game that football has to many lame ass penalties.
I can understand penalties such as unnecessary roughness and other ones that might cause injury, but come on taunting!?! That's part of the fun of playing sports is taunting your opponent.

Some Other Lame Penalties:
Equipment violations - If they want to play without a mouthpiece, let them. Running Into the Kicker - Come on! It's football, the point is to hit people.Illegal Celebration - The players don't mind it, the fans don't mind it, in fact the only people who have a problem with it are the ones who made the rule.

Not Hot Geek Girls

Why is it that there are no hot geeky girls? Just because a girl is hot throughout high school, why does she have to be a dumb cheerleader instead of a hot chess club girl?

These are questions I've pondered recently after a co-worker sent this dating site to a few people- Geek to Geek.

I'm not looking, but figured I'd go check out the site anyway. I found in Seattle, between 25 to 35 that all geeky women spend most of there time sitting at home playing video games eating chips and ice cream. I shouldn't say all, because there were a couple that looked good, but for the most part, spending all night sitting in front of your computer isn't good for the hips. Now, I'm sure this post will offend a few out there, but it's true. Of the profiles I looked through the girls were overweight, ugly, or both. Mostly both.

And unfortunately this has been my experience personally as well. When I'm out meeting women, the hot ones tend to be so uninteresting that I ca…
Throwing a shout-out to a new site on Facebook for all the dash-trash out there - Orange is the New Blue

Buy United by Blue

Why should you buy from United by Blue? Because they Have already removed 82,527 pounds of trash from the ocean. For every product sold, UBB removes 1 pound of trash from our worlds oceans and waterways.

Wouldn't you rather buy from a clothing company that tries to save the planet instead of ruin it.

Chase Spends $22 Billion Annually on Coal

Another reason to close that account at Chase...

Chase tops the list of banks in funding coal

Strangled at Theater for Talking on Phone

Have you ever been to the movies and had some jerk talk on their cell phone, or to the person next to them throughout the movie? Exactly, we all have. And when that happens don't you feel the urge to strangle that person? Yep, had that feeling also.

Well, a man in Seattle actually did what we all have wanted to do. Someone else was talking, hand a ringing phone, and being a total ass to everyone else in the theatre and this man attacked the asshole. The problem of course is the world we live in. Instead of being praised and rewarded for trying to strangle the loud man at the theatre, this guy got to experience some quality time with the police.

A messed up world we live in. Read more here…

Buy Nothing Day 2011

It's that time of year again. that time when millions of people sit out in the cold, push, shove, and elbow their way into stores. All in order to save a few bucks buying something they don't need in the first place.

Or, you could stay at home, visit with family, relax, and enjoy the day like a normal person should.

Pike Sprays Peaceful Protesters

Look, I'm getting irritated at the occupy protesters at times as well. But I also believe we are supposed to have freedom of speech in this country, and the right to peacefully protest.

Yet her is, another fine example of police going above and beyond when it comes to being assholes.

Notice peaceful protesters sitting on the ground. Then notice police officer Lt. John Pike walking down the row pepper spraying them.

Divorced Groom Sues Photographer for new Wedding

Been unemployed since 2008? Bitter, divorced, and can’t come up with a reasonable way to make some money? Solve all that with an easy to file lawsuit.

Todd J. Remis was married back in 2003, his wife has since left him and moved back to the country he ordered her from, yet for some reason he feels the need to sue the photographer who shot his wedding stating that the photographer missed some key shots. Not only does he want the cost of the wedding photographs to be reimbursed. He wants the photography studio to pay to re-create the wedding, at a cost of about $48,000 dollars.

Just to reiterate. They are divorced. The wedding was back in 2003. His wife currently lives in another country, and the husband doesn't even know where she is. Yet, this douche-bag wants the photography studio to pay over 50 grand.

As a photographer, I always make sure to include in my contracts that we are not liable for lost shots, or other things beyond our control such as bad lighting. I would assume…

A Video on the 99.99% vs. the 0.01%

How to Avoid Being a Hipster Douche

Unfortunately, living in the Pacific Northwest we have a tendency to get hipsterites easily. It doesn't help that most of us are fans of microbrews and indie music, and could easily be confused for a hipster. But their are some distinguishing traits to hipsters that allow them to be set apart from decent people.

So here are some things to look for when identifying hipsters, so that you can avoid some of these traits and people.

They listen to music no one has ever heard of, and if you mention that you heard that bands song on the radio they will stop listening to that band and talk shit to you for listening to it. If listening to the radio they only listen to two radio stations: NPR or the local public supported station, in Seattle it would be KEXP.They are very concerned about their appearance and style although will act like they are not.They wear oversized framed glasses (think Ira Glass) and in some cases wear those glasses even though they don't need them.Men will often …
In this weeks news, the human race has removed another animal from the population. The Western Black Rhino of Africa has been officially declared extinct.

Read full story here…

Idiots on the Street

I've been ranting against large banks for years, as can be read in a few of my past posts. So I appreciate people finally getting on the bandwagon with Bank Transfer day and other hostility towards large banks. But, having said all that, people are also retarded sheep. I was walking down the street after work and some guys passes a Chase bank and spits on the window of it.

So think about this douche-bag. Spitting on the window doesn't hurt the bank at all. The person who gets hurt is the low wage earning guy who is responsible for cleaning the windows. The bank, will never even know about it.

Dr. James Hansen at White House Tar Sands Action



It's neck and neck, so here are some more reasons you should vote no on I-1125. Assuming you haven't already.

I-1125: A recipe for gridlock According to Eyman, if I-1125 passes it would kill the voter-approved plan to build light rail across Lake Washington on the I-90 floating bridge.That alone would create gridlock and hurt our economy-making it impossible for local businesses to get around and discouraging new business from opening in the Puget Sound region.

Turns our transportation system into a game of politics, not policy
Currently, an independent, non-partisan commission sets toll rates in the state. I-1125 would take toll rates out of the hands of that independent commission and turn it over to the state legislature.That will cost taxpayers hundreds of millions in increased bonding costs, according to an independent analysis for the State Treasurer.The idea of a legislator from Seattle setting toll rates in Eastern Washington or having a politician in Walla Walla determ…

Road Construction Supervision

Cruising past a construction site down in Seattle where they are building a new exit ramp, I see that. We have three guys standing at the edge of the ditch looking down. In the ditch is one guy, doing actual work.

Tax money well spent?

Bank Transfer Day

It is bank transfer day today! If you haven't already close down that account with Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, etc. and open an account with your local community bank.

BTD Facebook page...

House Of Representatives Votes on Our Motto

In more news as to how lame our government is: The republican controlled house of representatives voted to reaffirming that 'In God We Trust' is our motto. Yes, they could be working on jobs bills, and other budgetary issues, but instead the tea-bagging republicans decided a vote on this was more important. Good job America for voting these people into office.

Red full story here…

Riding Down the Stairs

I have quite a few problems with most of the people who race their bicycles around Seattle, cutting in and out of traffic. Here is another example of a problem I have.

Some guy at some point was riding his bike down the sidewalk, and for whatever reason, wasn't pay attention and rode his bike down some stairs.

I'm guessing by the pictures that he died. He looks like a nice enough guy, but because he wasn't paying attention the city now has to pay a bunch of money to install warnings and paint stuff letting people know there are stairs there. I would imagine there is a lawsuit as well, as this is America where we will sue someone for looking at us the wrong way

Kemper Freeman's Road Rage

Bellevue Square owner Kemper Freeman believes you’ve been brainwashed into supporting light rail. He wants helicopters for the very rich, freeways for everyone else, and absolutely no light rail to Bellevue.

Read more here...

Scott Olsen Injured By Police for Peaceful Protesting

For those who haven't heard this bit of news, because they are to busy watching the Fox Pseudo-News Channel .

A Iraq war veteran, Scott Olsen, was peacefully protesting in Oakland, California like many are doing these days, when he was shot in the head by police with a gas canister. Then later, when people tried to help him another officer shot a gas canister into the crowd who were trying to help the injured man.

One more reason to vote 'yes' on Initiative 1183

ONE of the best reasons to vote for Initiative 1183, which would end the state liquor monopoly, has been little mentioned in the debate so far. If I-1183 fails, the state will likely subject itself to a private liquor monopoly — a dubious adventure in crony capitalism.

Read full story at the Seattle Times...

Javan Rhino Officially Declared Extinct in Vietnam

Aren't we just an impressive species, with our ability to kill and destroy everything we come in contact with.

Authorities have confirmed that remains found in April 2010 are in fact those of the last living Javan rhinoceros in Vietnam. Found in Cat Tien National Park with a bullet in its leg and its horn removed..

Read full story here...

Starbucks Long Line for Nothing

On the first floor of the building I work in, there is a Starbucks. This is pretty typical of downtown offices. What I find interesting about this is, how long people will stand in line waiting for a crappy cup of coffee.

This is downtown Seattle, there are plenty of places that make a decent cup of coffee that are more worth standing in line for. Especially a line out the door

Another Study Proving Global Warming is Real

Another study released proving that Global Warming is Real. The interesting thing about this one is it was partially funded by a group that is trying to prove that global warming isn't real.

No matter how much money you have, a fact is still a fact, and science is still science, whether you believe it or not.

Read more here...

No on I-1125


Saturday Night Live - GOP Debate Parody

Hotmail Improvements?

I recently received two e-mails from Microsoft's Hotmail, informing me of all the improvements to the service over the past few years. It talks about spam, faster, etc. If you will notice by the screenshot here. It apparently doesn't mean improvements to sending me duplicates of the same e-mail a minute apart from each other.


I-1183 Campaign Spending

Here is something I don't understand. The yes on 1183 campaign has more money, according to various articles I've read in local papers. Yet, everywhere I go I see signs for the no campaign. Which makes no sense, as the money campaign should be more visible, thanks for its cash.

People! Don't believe the propaganda of the no campaign. The roads will be plenty safe if this law passes. Many other states have legalized the sale of alcohol at stores, and they have the same accident statistics as we do. And as a friend of mine recently pointed out, the roads will probably be safer if this passes because people won't have to drive as far for a visit to the liquor store.

We are a liberal state, lets act like it and vote yes on 1183.

And every time you see an ad on a website for the no campaign, click on it! That doesn't mean you support the cause, it means you are costing the no campaign money. They have to pay for those ad clicks each time.

Wasted Cost of Training and Chatterboxes

I have nothing against taking advantage of the company dollar. I enjoy any lunch I can get them to pay for, or any free swag such as cups or t-shirts. But, I can also respect the cost of stuff and when taking advantage of trainings they pay for, I actually use the time to learn what is being taught.

Right now, I am in the process of obtaining a Six Sigma Green Belt certification. For those who don't know, it’s the latest fad if project management processes. My director has to approve the cost of the courses, as it involves a total of 6 days training. The first 3 days costs $1,500 per person, so I'm going to assume the second 3 days are $1,500 as well. I also get $8 bucks a day for lunch, and of course they pay my salary to attend the training vs. paying my salary to do the job I was hired to do.

In my class of 16 people, there are about 6 who the company flew in for out of state. So they get their airfare paid for, hotel, rental car, and all meals.

Two of the people who ha…

The Clean Air Act Is Under Attack -- Again

Industry polluters and their allies in Congress are pushing two more bills that would make permanent, harmful changes to the Clean Air Act and block efforts to clean up mercury and other toxic pollutants. Send your representative a note today urging them to stand strong!

Sign the petition here...

Mmmm Good Coal Energy Drink


Yes on 1183

Okay Washington residents, last year you were stupid and didn't vote to approve to privatize liquor sales. How about you try to be a little smarter this year and vote to approve initiative1183.

Reasons to vote yes:
Gets the state out of the liquor business:
This allows them to just collect the tax, but not have to pay for the locations and employees. Saves us all money.

Does not apply to all stores:
So it won't be like the no ads say, and the local convince store will have liquor. The law allow a limited number of grocery and retail stores to get licenses to sell liquor, if they meet certain strict requirements and are approved by the Liquor Control Board

New revenue for the state:
Under the initiative, businesses that get licenses to sell liquor will pay a percentage of their revenues as license fees, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenues for state and local government services, such as health care, education and public safety.

Eliminates outdated regula…

BOA to Charge Debit Card Fees

I canceled my Bank of America account years ago, but for those of you who still have one you might want to consider canceling it now.

BOA has recently announced that they will start charging a $5.00 debit card fee. This is most likely due to their poor management decisions around the housing bubble and debt associated with it. It is also most likely because they can charge it. They are a massive bank with a large customer base.

World Contraception Day is For Women's Rights and the Environment

"World Contraception Day (WCD) is a worldwide campaign with a vision for a world where every pregnancy is wanted."

Check out the website Your Life to learn more about this cause.

And to learn more about the link between population growth and the environment check out this article...

The Problem with Vegetarianism

Here is the problem with being a vegetarian as is see it. It isn't the fact that you have a harder time finding meals at places, or that you pay the same price for a meal of vegetables as someone pays for a meal with meat. The problem is feeling like a complete tool when you order a vegetarian option.

I went down to the local sub shop for lunch today and because I spend so much time at bars eating bar food, I decided to order the vegetarian sub. And for some reason I couldn't help feeling like a complete ass as I ordered it. Like the, "Oh I'm so special that I don't eat meat," attitude that vegetarians have. And I think that's really where the problem sits. Most vegetarians are snobby assholes about it. Now don't start leaving comments that you aren't a snobby asshole vegetarian, I said most not all. But most actually are snobby tools that think they are better than everyone else and they look down on people who eat meat, as if they are better t…

The 4 Crazy Stages of Women

After many years of field study, conversations with others, both male and female, I've come to a conclusion that all women are some sort of crazy.

Stage 1: Nuts
This unfortunately is the smallest percentage of women and if you can find a woman who is just nuts, marry her. She might get a little emotional sometimes, but everyone does that at points. And that's more or less all you will have to deal with. At this stage they are aware enough to admit that all women fall somewhere on the crazy scale. They get along with their parents, and might even be friends with an ex-boyfriend because "it didn't work out" but they wont hate him.

Stage 2: Crazy
This is where the majority of women fall. This are the ones who get emotional for no reason, get mad at you for being the same person you were when you met her. But, given a little time you might learn to deal with her. These are the women you hear guys talk about when they just admit to being wrong about something even tho…

Crappiest Movie Sequel List

Over the years the movie studios, with little for original ideas, have take good and sometimes great movies that people love and want to see more of, and ruined them by making a crappy sequel. So, here is my list of top crappiest sequels of all time.

X-Men 3 Last Stand
The series started off great, the second one was almost as good, but the third movie really was crap. Hey, lets just kill everyone off and destroy some national landmarks, without any regard to a decent storyline. Luckily the franchise redeemed itself with X-Men First Class.

Superman Returns
Not necessarily a sequel but crappy enough worth mentioning. I know it is hard to live up to the iconic Christopher Reeves as Superman. The superman that we all know and love, so doing a movie with a new Superman is a difficult task. Add to that a boring plot and lame special effects, and we have a stinker.

The Matrix Revolutions
Another series that started out great and ended with a super crappy 3rd movie.
Indiana Jones and the Ki…

Ground Zero 10 Years Later

We caught Bin Laden, we've invaded two countries, and spend trillions of dollars. Yet we can't seem to finish the construction of the new buildings.

Captain Planet by Don Cheadle

The Tea Party Explained

Soldier's Dog Mourns His Loss

When man's best friend looses his friend.

Our History Conservative Style

Holy crap, this has got to be the lamest thing I've seen in a long time. Thanks to some conservative nutcases for putting this together.

Chicken Harvesting


Seattle Voters Approve Tunnel

It's not often that I actually agree with the majority of voters (elected Bush twice) but for Seattle voters have done something useful, they approved the tunnel.

In Seattle there has been a debate going on for months, with the already approved tunnel to replace the aging eyesore of a bridge that runs along the city. The mayor has been ranting about his opposition since prior to his election and since. He would rather not spend the money. But voters have said via a referendum to build the tunnel. Yes it's going to be expensive, but it will make Seattle a better more beautiful city to live it. It will move cars from the streets to the underground, cutting noise and beautifying the city.

So good job Seattleites.

Read more on the Seattle Times…

Tell Congress to Investigate Rupert Murdoch

Sign the petition here...

The Human Fingerprints on Climate Change


Hard to Pay for Gas

I was driving back from eastern to western Washington this last weekend, and the drive usually involves a stop in Ellensburg to refill on gas. Within about a mile off the exit is a long line of gas stations and fast food restaurants for the hungry to stop and fill up on.

I usually pass the first couple gas stations off the exit as they are more expensive and have a line of people waiting for the pump. Instead I decided to stop at an Exxon. Pulling into the station I notice that it is not possible to pay at the pump. That's fine, I think, I have some cash in my pocket.

Where I stop however there are three pumps, each labeled differently so it's not clear which one is regular unleaded. The one I think is unleaded has a premium sign on it, but on top of that is a sign that says regular. I assume that it was changed to regular, and so I go inside to pay, and tell her to put $20 dollars on "the one that is unleaded. I think that is number 2." She informs me that the one…

U.K. Riots and Human Nature

I often have this debate with people as to whether or no people are inherently good or bad. I'm usually arguing that we are inherently bad, and that is why we invented religion and have laws that punish us for doing bad things. Of course most people disagree with me, as they would like to assume the human race is better than it really is.

Well just read a few stories on the riots going on in the U.K. And ask yourself who seems more right now?

Cherry Picking The Climate

Worst Congress Ever Sets Record

I can't get over people in this country sometimes. They vote a bunch of extremist, right-wing, tea-bagging, conservatives into office, then they disapprove of the job those people are doing.
A new CBS/New York Times poll has a record 82% disapproval rate of the current congress. No kidding! So America, you vote the party of no into control of the house of representatives, who are lead by a minority of nutcases and talk show hosts, and now you disapprove of them?!?!

Good job America and having absolutely no forethought an blaming others for doing what you voted them to do, only to realize that was the wrong choice. And this is why the country as a whole is getting dumber.

Phonebook From Porch to Recycling

Thanks for the phone book Dex, even though I don't actually have a home phone, I sure appreciate it. This way I get to come home and find this. 

Which is walked to the garage and deposited into this.

Killing about million trees each year, not to mention the environmental impact of making, delivering, and recycling each year. Yet somehow, I still don't have an option to opt-out of receiving it.

Policy Changes and Debt

With the current debate on the debt limit, and the conservative side of the spectrum going on about Obama being at fault, here is an interesting chart that breaks down the comparison between Obama and Bush as to who has had the worst effect on the debt.


Rick Perry's racially insensitive pastor problem

These are the new voices of religious conservative movement. And they are as important to the values side of Republican politics as the anti-tax crusaders, Wall Street and the Chamber of Commerce are to the economic side. Most of all, they have Rick Perry's ear, and they'll be on hand at Perry's prayer meeting in Houston:

read the full story here...

U. S. Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings on Defense of Marriage Act

For those who support individual rights, and everyone who reads this blog should, the U. S. Senate Judiciary Committee is holding the first hearings ever on repealing the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

Rep. John Lewis, a Democrat, has stated, “I find it unbelievable in the year 2011,that there is still a need to hold hearings and debates about whether a human being should be able to marry the person they love.” But the Republicans, lead by Charles Grassley, with a continuing desire to control peoples lives as if they were characters in an Orwellian novel, are fighting in defense of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) Act.

Here is a video of recently elected Democrat Al Franken putting the smack down on one of Grassley’s witnesses.

Police Bust Lemonade Stand

Normally I would use this as an opportunity to make fun of southerners, as these cops are in Georgia. But the reality is that police most anywhere would probably do the same.

In Midway, Georgia three girls did many do, and many have done for generations. The girls decided to make a little extra candy money by opening a lemonade stand. But when local officer drove past and noticed the stand, he promptly shut them down. The girls didn't have a $50 dollar a day food permit, and of course the lemonade could contain anything since it hasn't been quality checked.

According to MSNBC, "We were not aware of how the lemonade was made, who made the lemonade, of what the lemonade was made with, so we acted accordingly by city ordinance."

Once again, instead of going after actual criminals, the police are picking on the easy targets. In this case, three little girls.

On Experts and Global Warming

Experts have always posed a problem for democracies. Plato scorned democracy, rating it the worst form of government short of tyranny, largely because it gave power to the ignorant many rather than to knowledgeable experts (philosophers, as he saw it). But, if, as we insist, the people must ultimately decide, the question remains: How can we, nonexperts, take account of expert opinion when it is relevant to decisions about public policy?

Read full story here...

Ex-cop charged with murdering 2 women in Missouri

You would think a cop would know better than to leave DNA evidence at a crime.

A retired police officer is charged with murdering two women and raping a third after DNA evidence collected after a sexual assault last week linked him to all three attacks, prosecutors said Friday.

Read Full Story here...

Sound Transit Funding and Route Cuts Debate

  Sound Transit, who services the Puget Sound region, is in the process of identifying route and schedule changes for 2012 based on forecasted riders of 25.1 Million people for the year, a slight increase over the current year. 
The expectation is that they will cut routes like cuts to most everything else in this state due to budgets, with a projected shortfall of about 25%, according to the Implementation Plan. 
After reading through the budget there is discussion about the savings made by the route cuts, but I wonder if during the meetings they discuss how to actually generate revenue that they are missing on now. 
I've been riding the public bus for over a month now and a few things I have noticed. The first is that most every bus I'm on is full to capacity and then some with standing room only. The bus on the route I take is a bus with two cars. So if they are projecting over 25 million riders next year, up from the current year where many routes are filled t…

Traffic Delaying the Bus

One of the many joys in taking the bus is waiting for the bus. On this day, there was a traffic accident somewhere, I'm assuming. Because, my bus as seen in this first picture is here.

And as seen in this picture approximately 30 minute later has moved to here.

About an hour after it was supposed to arrive it did arrive, then it still took about 30 to 40 minutes before it made it out of Seattle.

Roger Ailes’ Secret Nixon-Era Blueprint for Fox News

Republican media strategist Roger Ailes launched Fox News Channel in 1996, ostensibly as a "fair and balanced" counterpoint to what he regarded as the liberal establishment media. But according to a remarkable document buried deep within the Richard Nixon Presidential Library, the intellectual forerunner for Fox News was a nakedly partisan 1970 plot by Ailes and other Nixon aides to circumvent the "prejudices of network news" and deliver "pro-administration" stories to heartland television viewers

Read the full story here...

Another Sad Mass-Produced Pork Farming Video

And this is why I buy my meat from the butcher down the street, where the animals come from local, family-owned farms and ranches. And the livestock is raised organically off the land, natural fed.

Not Summer

Never mind, summer hasn't arrived in the PNW after all.

Roundup: Birth Defects Caused By World's Top-Selling Weedkiller

The chemical at the heart of the planet’s most widely used herbicide -- Roundup weedkiller, used in farms and gardens across the U.S. -- is coming under more intense scrutiny following the release of a new report calling for a heightened regulatory response around its use.

Read full story on Huffington Post...

Finally Summer

Finally it's summer in the PNW, and we only had to wait till the end of June for it to arrive.

Crappiest Movie Remakes List

Over the years the movie studios, with little for original ideas, have taken good and sometimes great movies and TV shows, and remade them. Unfortunately most of the time, they do a terrible job of it. So, here is my list of worst movie remakes of all time.

The Italian Job
The original was cool and stylish with Michael Caine in the lead role. The cars were cool, the acting was good, and the movie is worth watching over and over. The remake with Markey Mark is a cheesy rip-off. Have updated Mini Coopers and Charlize Theron, does not make for a good movie.

Clash of the Titans
Yes the Claymation and old-school special effects don't compare to todays movies. But the original had interesting characters, did a better job with the story line, and was a great move that stands the test of time. The sequel however was just another Hollywood example of what they can do with CGI.

I Am Legend
If it weren't for the horrible special effects this might have been a better movie, but they sucked…

Two Hands on the Phone, Knees on the Wheel

Riding the bus home the other day, I look out the window and see this guy.

It's hard to see in the picture but what he is doing, and did for quite a long distance is, he is driving with his knees while using both hands to either text or respond to an e-mail on his phone.

People like this are why this is illegal, and why cops should do something useful (for once) and pull people like this over.

Douche-Bags on the Bus

My work decided they needed to move the team to the Seattle office. So now, instead of getting to take the nice, yet snooty company bus, I have to take the public bus.
The public bus involves a 10 minute walk to the stop, and about a 10 minute walk from the drop off to the office. Not a problem when the weather is nice, but this is Seattle and the weather is usually not that great.
Oh, and one more thing that makes me todays douche-bag on the bus… the seating.
Last time I took a public bus there was actually a little legroom on it. Now apparently the public transportation system is taking a lesson from the airlines and cramming as many seats as possible.

I'm not a huge guy, and if you will notice there is about an inch and half between my knees and the seat in front of me. And that front seat is all the way forward. Notice the footrest below. In order to lower it, I would have to move my legs to the side, then lower it, and use it. If there were a person in the seat next to me, I …