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Children at Work

Look people, if I can’t bring my dog to work, then you shouldn’t be able to bring your children. Especially, considering how my dog is more well behaved. Look, one of the things that needs to be considered when you choose to have a child is, “what will I do with that child at work” it can be daycare, family, or school. In that plan should NOT be, bring the child to work during Christmas vacation. You want to know why, because they are irritating to have running by my desk while I’m trying to work, or in this case, update my blog.

Oh, and one other thing, you are the only one who cares about that cute thing your child did the other day. You ever notice how when telling a story, peoples eyes glaze over. There is a reason for that, is because they don’t care and are spacing off during your boring ass story.

Police Academy Dropouts #4

MSN had an article today, about a 16 percent increase in fatalities by police officers in accidents. One of the main reasons sited, that the officers aren’t wearing seat belts. Apparently the seat belts, “tangle with gun belts worn by officers, causing some of them to choose access to a firearm over seat belt safety” So I guess the question is, if they are busy giving us tickets for not wearing seat belts, then who is ticketing them? Apparently no one.

first words, first walk, first.... in IRAQ

A couple of weeks ago, I added a link to a former co-workers blog who is now serving in Iraq. I prefer to hear news from the actual people, instead of our government, or the distorted way the news reports things. Along these lines, I wanted to post a link to someone who lives in Iraq. I found this through bbcnews. She is a 27 yr old women, and I’ve found her writings very insightful into pre and post war Iraq. Check it out.

Apple Computers and the Environment.

Here is an article on more reasons not to go Apple.

Police Academy Dropouts #3

The FBI recently released a report showing that violent crime and robberies has been increasing. The excuses used in the report - “the problem now is likely the historic numbers of inmates returning home from prison with no job prospects or skills. There's also been a proliferation of handguns in recent years, as well as a growing rise of retaliatory killings in some cities.” Or they blame budget cuts, due to the war on terror. At no point throughout the article do they even mention taking some of the blame themselves.

Think about this, the criminals know that if they do break into a house, the police aren’t going to try to catch them. The criminals know, if they murder someone, the police will spend about one day, trying to catch them. And even if they are caught, they will get a short sentence and be back on the streets. More than half our prisons are full of people on drug crimes. Most drug crimes are NOT violent, and really cause no harm to anyone, other than the user. Politici…

They're Watching You

Ok peeps, start paying attention to those IM conversations at work, they may be used against you in a court of law.

Letter to Apple

Not that this letter will actually go to Steve but here is a copy of a letter I’m writing to Apple about how much I hate my IPod and issues I’ve had with it.

Attn: Steve Jobs
Approximately two months after purchasing my IPod I began having issues. After another month or so, I called into customer service and it was told that I needed to send the IPod in for service. I was sent a return box, I sent my device in, and received it back. I was able to use the device for a couple more months before different issues started. I called again about a month ago. The person I spoke with, walked me through the same troubleshooting I had already done, via your website. He let me off the line saying it would be working, without verifying it actually was working. It was after 6:00pm by this point. I’m assuming he wanted to go home. The IPod was not working. I called in again a couple of days after that, after holding and talking to multiple people (one person was rude and argumentative), I was sent ano…

Police Academy Dropouts #2

This last year a girl I used to work with was murdered, Nicole Pietz. First, the police totally dragged their feet in even initiating an investigation and really only picked it up after her body was found. Keep in mind it was found by a random person, not the policy. Later, her car was found and “Detectives took hair samples, evidence swabs and a photo of a single fingerprint.” The car was also not found by the policy but a UW security guard.

This whole story was all over the news this last spring. Now, even though they found what seems to me like a decent amount of evidence, and who knows what they found that wasn’t told to the news, the police still have not found her killer. I only worked with Nicole, so I’m not close to the family or anything, but for some reason I can’t help but think that, the detectives have since filed away this case, and are now sitting around the office ass grabbing and have more or less forgotten that a person actually lost their life, and a family lost a lo…

10 Things that Make Me Go Cranky at Christmas Time

Christmas Music! – Everywhere you go from thanksgiving to Christmas they are playing it, and it’s all the same songs over and over again.
A person who you weren’t planning on buying a present buys you one, so you end up obligated to buy them one in return.
People who are too lazy to write Christmas so they write x-mas instead.
People of other religions and beliefs, who protest things like trees in school and other Christmas items. Damn it people, get a fucking life and stop wasting everyone’s time!!!
Going to the store/mall - There is never any parking, it’s always packed, people are rude, and they are usually out of whatever I want.
How just about every musician has to come of with a Christmas song or album, which usually consists of crappy remakes.
Presents – the gifts most people get are lame ass crappy items that if I really wanted, I would have already bought for myself. Now I just have more junk for the garage, closet, or attack.
Adam Sandler’s Honica song - I liked it the first thousa…

The End of James Kim

Ok, people this is really starting to get old!!! I’m sure by now, we have all heard about James Kim, his family being stranded, and him dying because he wondered off into the wilderness. Yes, I guess it’s sad he died. And yes too bad for his family. But come on!!!! Why is this such a big deal?!?! It’s not like it’s the first time something like this has happened, yet every time I check the news lately there seems to be a story about it. Did they forget about a little something called the war in Iraq, where dozens of people are dying everyday.

Besides constantly talking about this, cnet (company he worked for) is putting together information for people on how to survive. Survival and prevention tips. Multiple things about this piss me off. The first is that cnet is a technology site and normally doesn’t do news like this. But of course since it’s someone who works for them, now it’s newsworthy. The second thing that pisses me off about this, is the types of advice they are giving on sur…

Everyone should walk as fast as me

I work in an office with lots of hallways and people. Walking around it gets kind of irritating, when I’m attempting to go to the break room for a soda and have some pokey person walking in front of me. I either have to go around or walk slowly. Going around the person is a pain because this is Microsoft and people walk like they own the whole hallway, and don’t leave much room for passers. when I’m walking and someone passes me, I think it would be nice to be able to trip them or something. Come on people are you in such a hurry you can wait half a second to get where you are going?

The easy resolution is just to have everyone walk as fast as me.

My Contract Company Loves Me!!!

As many of my loyal and faithful readers know, I used to work for Cingular and am now working as a contract employee for Microsoft. Besides the fact that I make 20 grand more a year then I did after 6 years employed with that company, they also do something nice around Christmas.
At Cingular for Christmas, you get nothing! As a contractor for Microsoft, the company I contract through (Volt), has a holiday party and gives a fleece jacket to everyone.

Cingular, suck my hairy ass!!!!!

Prescription Changes

I was listening to NPR this morning, about a story on changes that people are pushing for, in regards to prescription labels. The reason behind the change being that, people who are semi-literate have a hard time understanding. Or in my opinion, are too stupid to understand them. One of the examples they used is “for external use only” which apparently people are having a hard time with, so they are want to change it to, “For use on skin only” or something to that effect. Personally, if I go to the pharmacist and they give me a cream in a tube, I’d like to hope that I could figure out on my own that it’s not a cake topping. And if not, well then I deserve whatever fate is in store for me when I incorrectly take the prescription.

Police Academy Dropouts #1

I’ve been thinking lately about starting a blog titled “Police Academy Dropouts”. The purpose of the blog would revolve around the complete incompetence of just about all police officers currently on duty, and how they should have dropped out of cop school. I could easily fill this blog from personal experience, friends, family, acquaintances, and of course the news media. Honestly, the only thing that’s really stopping me is, laziness and that I don’t want to maintain multiple blogs. Instead I’ve decided to dedicate one posting a week on this blog to the subject.

Here is my first. Actually, I shouldn't say this is the first, I've posted in the past on cop stupidity. Anyway, check out this link, basically the story is about some hippie who got stuck in the woods on some logging road. The police incompetence comes in when the family is basically saying, “Hey we are pretty sure he’s down this road”. The response, “sheriff's deputies said the road already had been searched” Th…

Cingular's Low Customer Satisfaction

Just because I love to smack talk Cingular whenever possible, here is an article about customer satisfaction where it’s rated as, “close to the bottom in overall satisfaction.” Verizon and T Mobile topping the charts.

My Visit to Albertsons

Last night I went to the grocery store. The particular Albertsons near my house is kind of getto to start off with, and a place I pretty much prefer not to go to. Unfortunately, it’s been a while since I’ve been shopping and one of this things I have to do. So I park and grab a shopping cart, of course the cart has a messed up wheel but I use it anyway. Throughout the rest of my shopping experience it pulls to the right. My first stop is the produce section to get a few items including an onion. Guess what? They are out of onions, and my shopping has only just begun. I am able to find the majority of the rest of the items I need, while navigating around quite a few other people in the store.

At the check out stands, the lines are down the isles they are so busy. I normally use the self check but had a pretty big cart of items, so I got in line for one of the checkers. About the time I make it to being third, the checker swaps with someone else and leaves. The girl who takes over doesn’…


I’ve always been opposed to the war in Iraq, not agreeing with the justification for going into the war, or the fact that our government is willing to spend billions on a war for oil, while people in this country have their own issues to deal with. Having said that, I do support the soldiers and respect their willingness to serve and fight for their country. I used to work with this guy Sergio, he’s a huge guy who could pummel just about anyone, yet one of the nicest people. And he has a great sense of humor, I did a pretty right on impersonation of him (at least I think it was) back when he was a trainer at AT&T. Sergio is currently over in Iraq and has created a blog called sandbox1822. Check it out sometime.

People Who Hide From the Camera

Ok people, for those of you who think you look bad in pictures. You want to know why you look bad? It’s your fucking attitude. When someone goes to take your picture and you turn away, hold your hand up, or make some face because you don’t photograph well, that’s why you look like shit in pictures! You want to look good? Try looking at the photographer and smiling! 30 years from now when your grandchildren are sitting around looking at old pictures, you might appreciate actually having some to show them. But by running and hiding from the camera, the only thing you are doing is being a big mother fucking baby. When I take your picture, it’s your attitude that makes you ugly, not the camera.

Snow Article

The Seattle PI did an interesting article on the typical Seattle snow driver. They pretty well sum up what I would have blogged about it today.

Seattle Snows

One of the funny things about living on the west coast is how people freak out when it snows. I grew up in Eastern Washington, so I’m relatively comfortable driving in the snow. The rest of Seattle and the surrounding area, not so much. I think the total over the past few days has been about three inches. And from the sounds of the news, it’s amazing people have managed to survive, they’ve been dramatizing the snow quit a bit. And apparently the people are listening. On my drive, I decided to count the number of cars on the side of the road, on I-405 for a two mile radius. I counted a total of 24 vehicles on the side of the highway. Some looked like they spun out but others, just looked like the drive pulled over and walked home.

Damn You PS3

As I'm sure everyone knows, they released the PS3 this last weekend and although I didn't sit in line for days to buy one, I'm already a little disappointed in it. I currently have the PS2 and unfortunately will probably switch to the 360. Why? One reason only, Windows Media Center. I love the idea of being able to download movies onto my computers hard drive and play them on my tv. Unfortunately PS3 doesn't offer a similar option, leaving me with only one choice. Damn you Sony!!! Damn you to hell!!!I know, this is a lame post and not really bitchy. But, it's the day before a holiday, maybe next week will be better.


First one all, what kind of dumbass puts marijuana in a cops hamburger? These idiots deserve to be castrated so they never produce children. But you know what’s
really f**d up about it, the cops are suing Burger King. They should be suing the people who did it but no, they are going after the big corporate money.
Jackasses! Fucking law enforcement. Read any number of other reports and it’s about how the judicial system is being caught up in frivolous lawsuits, yet when they get a chance, our police force does the exact same thing.

Look people, you are going to a Burger King, obviously they hire the lowest of the low, the retards and incompetent, and in many cases the ones who can’t speak enough English to get real jobs. What do you want someone to stand over every employee’s shoulders and watch them work? It can happen but keep in mind you will then be paying $100.00 for that Whopper. Oh and on another note, “then went to a hospital for medical evaluations.” Give me a break. A little w…

Interest Rate Up = No Reason

Last night I get my bill for my MasterCard and go to pay it. In the process I notice that they raised the interest rate from 9.9% to 17.9%. If you are wondering, I always pay my bill on time, I always pay more then the minimum due, and I use the card quite a bit so I do normally have a balance. I’ve had the card for years and have always been a good customer.

I call in this morning to ask them why they raised the rate, on my third attempt (the first two calls, I was disconnected by the automated system) I finally managed to speak to someone. I explained everything and she transferred me to someone else. I then of course had to repeat all my verification information with her and wait exactly 7 minutes for her to leave me on hold and review my account. I know this from the timer on my phone. Anyway, she came back and told me she could reduce it to 15.9%. My response being of course, “no, I want it back to where it was.” She then agrees to go down to 13.9%. She then explains that they did…

Walmart vs UFCW

I read a news article talking about the fight between Wal-Mart and the United Food and Commercial Workers union. I’m not going to link to the article because it’s not really all that relevant to what I’m going to say.

On one hand we have Wal-Mart, a company known for paying low wages, with low benefits, and who tends to move in and force others out of business. On the other hand we have the UFCW union who’s known for doing nothing that actually benefits its members. I’ve never worked for Wal-Mart and I don’t shop there, so it’s hard for me to speak on how they treat employees. I have on the other hand, worked for a grocery store that required membership in the UFCW. I can tell you from experience that the only thing they did was collect money from the workers. I at no point did I feel I was making decent money due to the union. I did however fully understand that if I didn’t pay money each month, I would loose the privilege of standing at a cashier counter watching people buy food I co…

One of Those Days...

I normally wait till after work to do my posting but I can tell it’s going to be, “one of those days”. It’s now 3 hours since my alarm went off and here’s the breakdown.
Woke up to a bad dream. I won’t go into the details. Looked into the mirror before showering to see the nice cut in my cheek where my dog nipped me about 6 o’clock last night. I then had to take her for her morning walk in the cold rain.There was a car wreck on the way to work, took about an hour and half to get here.
(This is actually pretty typical.)Noticed that my boss/bosses delegate hasn’t approved my timecard for last
week yet. (Usually needs to be approved by Tuesday to get paid by Friday) Actually wasn't their fault, problem with the system.Received some responses to an e-mail sent yesterday, had to correct the
person on what the e-mail was about. (it’s no wonder it takes Microsoft so
long to get things done) And yes the original e-mail was They are remolding the break room with the vending machine so I had t g…

Web of Trust?

Occasionally when I’m bored with nothing else to do I might write a review of a product, book, or whatever on Lately, I’ve actually started paying a little more attention to the other reviewers on the site, I have noticed something, and it’s that a large number of the reviews are full of crap!

This is probably no surprise, as the general population is full of crap, but let’s take a look at the one who motivated me to do this posting. three_ster, has written 1082 reviews as of the time I’m writing this. First, what kind of geeky no life looser has the time to write 1082 reviews since June 26th of 2000. let’s do the math, roughly 6 years gives us 72 months. 1082 / 72 months equals 15 reviews per month. Not a huge number once it’s broken down. To put it in prospective, I’ve had my account since December of 2004 and I’ve done 13 reviews total. Then again, I have a life, work, friends, girlfriends, a dog, etc. But even having a life I could probably come up with 15 reviews a m…

Roommate moving out?

You might have read a few of my previous postings about my roommate. In my attempts to motivate her to move out, I raised her rent this month. Only by a hundred bucks, I figured it would help buy some patience in dealing with her and I figure the money would help in going towards replacing all the crap in my condo her and her cat have trashed.

I gave her three months notice that I was raising it but for some reason I don’t think she realized I was serous. So she tried just paying the old amount at which point I was like, “no you owe an extra $100" She got pissed argued and attempted to get me to change my mind. After I said it’s not going to happen she goes to her room, looks online, and apparently finds a new place to live. If I only would have known earlier that's all I needed to do. She called me the day after and told me she was moving out. Even better she was moving out the following weekend, ie tomorrow.

She moved a bunch of the junk and other crap that has filled my atta…

Fox vs Limbaugh

Recently Michael J. Fox did some political spots promoting politicians who support stem cell research. I haven’t seen the ads, in them he is pretty clearly showing the signs of his Parkinson’s. Rush Limbaugh, Americas loud mouth conservative blow hard, spouted off about how it seemed like Michael was shaking a little more then usual. Yeah Rush, how dare Michal J. Fox use his real life disease, that most of us can’t even imagine dealing with, to promote candidates who support research that might help find a cure. I mean really, how dare anyone use there illness to promote people who believe in finding a cures for any diseases or illness. They should be ashamed for wanting to live normal lives.

The fact that people still listen and even believe some of the crap that comes out of Rush Limbaugh’s mouth, just goes to show how ignorant and narrow minded the conservative right winged really are.

And Rush, because I’m sure you read this blog, instead of picking on actors with diseases why don’t…

Product Release, Delays, and Bad Managers

I just realized I haven't posted in a while, so here's something on life in the office.

It’s interesting that a company that has been around for as long as Microsoft and has released so many products still can’t release things on time? As we all know windows Vista has been delayed for what seems like forever. I’m sure we all hope that it will work properly on release and we won’t need to wait for various service packs to fix issues. Personally I’m not working on that project but I think we can pretty much all agree it won’t work well on initial launch. This then leads us to upgrades and the release process.

I’m working in a different group and different product but it is Microsoft which means, I have to deal with upgrades and releases. I’m working on one scheduled for early next month. I say early because the release date is tentative. This isn’t a new experience, coming from AT&T/Cingular it was the same thing. Very rarely can I recall a time when an upgrade or new product…

Vote for MJ

Just on the off chance that someone from Nevada actually reads this blog, you need to go out and vote yes. Personally I don’t smoke it (anymore) but I am fully in support of its legalization. My hope is that as one state legalizes it, more will follow as they see the negatives are nothing like the conservative right would lead us to believe. Also think about the benefits, “Proponents of the measure also argue that the legal system wastes time and money on low-level marijuana offenses, and that taxing and regulating pot would put drug dealers out of business while freeing law enforcement to focus on violent crime and more dangerous drugs such as methamphetamine.” Actually it would free them up to write more speeding tickets and waste time but that's a different blog post.

Something Nice to Talk About

That’s right, I know this is the Cranky Monkey talking but I actually have something positive to say and here it is…. Hooker Boots! Not the actual hookers, you know what I’m talking about, the boots that are so popular with women these days. The kind of boots that go up nice and high on the calves just below the knees with a heel and are totally sexy. I have no idea what they are really called, I know some people call them "fuck me boots" which I guess sounds better than "hooker boots". Either way, it is not the name of the boot that makes them hot.

I’ve seen quite a few women wearing them lately and I have to say good job ladies! Finally women’s fashion I can appreciate. Hot boots and a skirt should always be in style. So women who read this blog, keep it up and if you ever want to pose for some pictures you just let me know. Unless you are fat, in that case, even sexy hooker boots won’t make you hot but Jenny Craig might. Jenny Craig and visits to the gym instead …

Irritating Roommate

I have a roommate who irritates me on a pretty regular bases. One of the ways she does this is by asking me “what’s wrong” or “you seem angry about something” when in reality nothing is wrong and I’m not angry. Well except for getting angry at having a roommate constantly asking me what’s wrong. Listen bitch, if I’m mad about something or something is wrong and I feel you need to know about it, I will fucking tell you. If I’m sitting on the sofa, watching tv, and eating a mini pizza, odds are nothing going on that you need to know about, so stop fucking asking. And yes reader, I have told her that, multiple times. I’m hoping if she reads it she might actually listen.

Lunch Room Talk

Was eating lunch and noticed something interesting as a comparison between Cingular and Microsoft. At Cingular didn’t really have a lunch room for all the buildings but some did. Of those that did, when going to lunch with co-workers rarely was the conversation work related. It usually consisted of casual conversation. Occasionally a work conversation would come up but it was rare. At Microsoft I will eat in the cafeteria regularly and have noticed that the majority of conversation revolved around work. Today for example, I sat at a table with 3 other tables in hearing distance. The table to my right was a manager and employee going over an employee review. The table to my left was some discussion on something that I’ve already forgotten. And same goes for the table in front of me. I’m not necessarily saying this is bad that MS employees. They love their jobs sooo much that they can’t take a break even during lunch. But, I do feel that it’s good for the mind to step away from the jo…

Dan Savage, The Mayor, Drugs and Clubs

This is an interesting article by local Stranger columnist Dan Savage. Here in Seattle we always bill ourselves as a liberal city, yet whenever possible our politicians try to crack down on clubs, bars, and strip joints. This is a funny article where Dan calls them out on some new ordnance that people might enjoy.

Can’t run a business? Do what she did

Seattle PI has an article about women who decided to open a coffee shop up across the street from a Starbucks. Then when she had to go out of business because everyone continued to go to the Starbucks instead of her she decided to sue them. Only in America can you sue another company because you are worse at business then they are. For those people who hate Starbucks because they are such a large corporation and all that crap, how about you stop going purchasing your daily half decaf, 2%, no foam, sugar fee vanilla, latte from them. Then just maybe, there won’t be a Starbucks on every corner anymore.

A Fun Night at LAX

Going through LAX back to Seattle has got to be one of the biggest pain in the asses ever. First of all, we had to get off the plane and go pick up our luggage from the carousel. This is where I found out that the luggage handlers broke one of my tequila bottles. Even worse, it was the good bottle that I was looking forward to taking home. I opened the bag and everything was just soaked with booze and broken glass.
I noticed, as we walked to the next location with our bags, I wasn’t the only one with broken booze, a bag in front of me that someone was carrying and leaking everywhere. We then moved to the customs line and began the very long wait to make it through customs. It was interesting watching the faces of the customs workers, you could tell they woke up for work everyday just thinking how much they loved there jobs, not a smile from a single one. Anyway, we went through customs and handed our luggage back to the airline people to put back on the plane. We then had to leave the…


Been on vacation if anyone is wondering why I haven’t posted in a while. I’m back now and catching up at work, so check in the next few days for some postings about the joys of air travel.


Am I the only one who thinks people who whistle why they are waiting for stuff is creepy? Yesterday after work, I got in the elevator at the same time as some other guy. We go down to the parking garage and start walking to our cars. As he’s walking he starts whistling some funky song. He then goes to the other elevator to get to the next level and proceeds to whistle the whole time. It’s a parking garage so I can hear him the whole way to my car.

Today, I’m sitting at my desk and the lady next to me is whistling something. Same thing as the guy yesterday, it’s some unrecognizable song at a low level and of course it’s only parts of whatever song it is.

It’s like in the movies, how just before the crazy person does something crazy, they whistle acting nonchalant…. Then they strike.

More Cops?

Read an article online from the local paper today, talking about how the city is spending it’s money. They have a section for comments and one of the comments was on the need for more police. Why is it people are always complaining about the need for more police? So they can sit on the sides of roads writing speeding tickets? It’s not like more police on the streets is actually going to effect anything on regards to narcotics, vagrants, vandalism, or anything else. One reason is Seattle is too liberal. It’s all about the rights on the criminals and an officer doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of a potential lawsuit, random camera operator, or the hassle and paperwork that goes along with arresting actual criminals.

The Break Room

Last Friday in the break room I was heating my lunch in the microwave. While standing and waiting, some guy was making himself some Top Raman (or whatever brand it was) noodles. The kind that come in a Styrofoam cup and you only need to add hot water. Anyway, he opens the top and goes to dump out the crappy little freeze dried vegetables. Personally, I tend to do the same thing and expect most people do as well. Anyway, in the process of dumping the veggies in the sink, (don’t know why he couldn’t use the garbage can) he drops a pea on the floor. Instead of leaning down to pick it up and throw it in the trash, which is 3 feet away, or the sink, which is right next to him, he kicks it under the counter.
So I ask him, “Is that how you clean at home to?”
He quickly responded with, “Yes, except for when my wife is around.”
I gave him my fake and you’re a jackass laugh, but I didn’t say anything further. He left shortly after as we gave each other fake smi…


I was reading a blog written by some code writing computer geek about Microsoft, Apple, and of course code. I’ve posted on this blog for a while and never once received as many responses to any posting as he did about the life of writing code for Microsoft. Of course, all the responses were written by a bunch of other computer code writing geeks. I was going to post the below comment to the 09/18/06 blog but then realized I was making fun of a bunch of computer geeks, many who work for the same company I do, and could probably hack there way into my information in a heart beat. So I decided to post it here, on a blog that no one reads.

“Wow sitting around for hours writing code… great time. Wow, writing and maintaining a code related blog… interesting. And look at that, a whole bunch of geeks who spend too much time sitting in front of computers commenting on blog postings about Microsoft... super. I’d say while you are all sitting in your dark offices staring at computer monitors, I s…

Political debates in the U.S. these days.

I was reading an article in the Seattle P.I. today about how Maria Cantwell only agreed to two debates with her republican rival Mike McGavick. “Cantwell snubs McGavick on debates
My first issue with the article is it’s more of a commentary, Joel Connelly’s opinions as compared to a neutral news reporting article. Which would have been fine if had actually housed the article in the commentary section instead of local political news. This isn’t a huge gripe as I don’t expect neutral reporting in the news. We are people and our opinion comes out in just about everything we do, even though we might be attempting to be natural. What I am inclined to be surprised about, is it was an unfriendly article on Maria Cantwell a democrat. The P.I. is generally known for leaning more towards the liberal side of the spectrum.

My second issue is the subject of the article. It’s an article about him wanting to do more and her wanting less. I believe I read a similar article every election. The incumbe…

Mother Fu***ng Seattle Drivers

Ok, I know I’ve bitched and complained about this before and I will probably do it again… What the fuck is wrong with Seattle drivers!!!!!!

To the Seattle can’t drive dumb asses - This is directed towards each and every one of you Seattle retards that can’t drive in the mother fucking rain! You live in Seattle, it rains 9 months out of the year here, you dumbfucks. What is so hard about providing enough space from the car in front of you so that you don’t rear end them? Or just watching the car in front of you so when they hit the breaks you do the same? And those of you who drive super slow all over the place because you are scared to actually move your car, you are just as bad. The rest of us people who actually know how to drive and don’t cause wrecks everyday, have to go around you. You are the people who cause fucking traffic slowdowns; especially when you have to slow way the hell down to stare at whatever car wreck is on the side of the road.

To the rest of the people out there -…

Bad Children/Bad Parents

I know, I’ve commented on this many times in the past and will some more. Is there any refuge for adults who want to go out to dinner and eat with out jackasses bringing in rotten uncontrolled children?!?!? Last night a lady friend and I go to Claim Jumper for dinner. We decided to sit over on the bar side. For one reason it was open and we didn’t have to wait for seating. And of course the second reason it’s usually adults. What I didn’t realize was that they apparently have a bar area, which is pretty much the stools at the bar, and they have a lounge area, which is tables and booths just on the side of that. What I also didn’t know was, in Claim Jumper that children can eat over in that area. I could live with the children at the booth next to me, what really bothered me was how the parents (typical of today’s parenting) let their kids run around crawl on the nasty floors, make a ruckus, and be completely unruly. All the while the parents just carried on a typical conversation like…

Proposed tunnel to replace the Alaska Way Viaduct

Many people have commented on the cost of replacing the Viaduct with a tunnel, and yes it may cost a little more the replacing it with an above ground option. But sometimes it’s actually worth it to spend extra and this is of those times it’s worth it. Unfortunately, it probably won’t happen. This is Seattle after all. We have too many people who can’t agree on what should be done and no one with enough guts or authority to make change happen. We will spend years voting, talking, and spending money for nothing. Remember how much as spent on the Monorail and how many times it was approved by voters. The real unfortunate thing about it is, about the only way we will really get a replacement for the viaduct is when an earthquake finally knocks it down.

No Boating

I have this friend who bought a boat last spring. It’s a decent sized boat, about 21ft, has a cabin, etc. He bought this boat about six months ago and has taken it out twice, both times with the original owner to get the hang of using it. I’m all in favor and can understand wanting to get the hang of boating. But what’s happening is he to paranoid to take it out on nice days. I can understand a certain amount of trepidation for a new boater. It might take a few times to get it on the trailer with people watching, backing up can be a pain with a truck and trailer, and it ca get busy on the waters around Seattle. But, the real issue here is me! I missed out on watching the Blue Angels during Seafair from a boat this year, I wasn’t able to hang out on a boat Labor Day Weekend, and at no point during the summer was I pulled behind it on a tube or wakeboard.

So listen up buster, I know you read this blog so get off your pansy ass and start taking the damn boat out. The best way to learn how…

Cranky for a Reason

For anyone who has ever wondered why I am so cranky, let me tell you about my day today. Keep in mind, my day today isn’t so far off from a typical day. This morning l leave my house 30 minutes early because traffic yesterday was so bad it took me an hour and half to get to work. Today, 30 minutes earlier then usual, I hop on the highway to find, there was an accident just beyond the entrance ramp. Unfortunately, this is not obvious before I get on the highway or else I could have taken another route. After making it through the entrance ramp, I continue on to work, but by this time it’s late enough to where the rest of the way the traffic sucks as well, once again it took me an hour and half to get to work.
At work, 11:30 I decide to take a lunch, go to the cafeteria to find out there was a fire or something, a bunch of firemen are around, the cafeteria is closed till the firemen say it’s ok to re-open. After standing 10 minutes waiting I decided to drive to lunch. I work in a busines…

Wash Your Hands When I’m Around, I Don’t Mind Embarrassing You

Went into the bathroom today and doing what most men do when they are in there at the urinal. A guy comes in after me and goes to do his thing. I get done, wash my hands, and on my way out the other guy is done and goes to leave right in front of me. He doesn’t wash his hands. So as we are walking out the door, me right behind him, I say, “You don’t wash your hands.” He doesn’t respond. We both walk through the door and a bunch of people around in the hall way in front of the bathroom, I yell out as he is picking up his walking speed, “you know other people touch that door knob, that’s nasty.” He continues to ignore me as he quickly walks away….

Fast Pooper

I go to the men’s room. A guy walks in at the same time as me and goes to a stall. I grab some TP, blow my nose, and then go to the urinal. No one else in the bathroom. As I’m pissing I can hear the guy breathing heaving, like he’s really working at it, no biggie right... As I’m done and heading to the sink, he’s also done and goes to the sink.

Here’s the point, he didn’t piss or if he did I couldn’t hear it, I’m assuming he was crapping and pushing at it by the sound, which means, that guy takes a seriously fast crap!!!

Cingular Customer Service

Have you ever wondered why Cingular has such crappy customer service? Having worked many years for Cingular I can tell you.

Cingular locates its call centers in BFE, where they hire the lowest wage and educated people possible. Most anyone with an actual degree will go work somewhere else for more money.
They are union and no matter how incompetent people are, it’s almost impossible to fire them.
The information that is sent to call center reps doesn’t actually tell them how to fix problems. And it’s written so poorly even if it did tell them how to fix a problem they wouldn’t understand it. Take into consideration the same low end customer service reps are the ones who eventually get promoted and end up writing many of the processes and policies.
The tier 2 people are no different then the tier 1 people. Since they are union when a customer service rep goes to the tier 2 department they don’t really get a raise. And when they move to that department it’s not based on skill level it’s bas…


I think anyone who knows me or who has read this blog knows I opposed the war prior to going in and still oppose the war in Iraq. I’m one of the few in this country who have been consistent in their opinion of the subject. Now having said that, I also was in the Army National Guard and during my time in the guard, if called up, I would have gone wherever they sent me, including Iraq. Why would I do this, because that’s the agreement I made when signing up. I didn’t sign anything that said I’d only fight if I agreed fighting for oil was justified, I signed saying I would do what I was told and leave the decision making up the politicians, even if I didn’t vote for them. Am I glad I’m no longer in the military to go fight? Of course I am.

Lt. Ehren Watada (article) an actual officer in the military has made the decision that he shouldn’t have to fight in the war. He says it’s because the president “lied to us about the war” Hmmmm, a politician lied, there’s a new concept!!! I don’t know …

ELF Not So Bright

The Earth Liberation Front, decides to protest something, I’m assuming urban sprawl or deforestation. They burn down a house (Ecoterrorism fire victims rebuild, move on) and what? Do they think that people will suddenly stop building homes or using tress to build them? No, they do what these people did, they re-build. So what did the ELF accomplish? They helped pollute the air with the fire and they destroyed more trees since these people had to rebuild the house with the same materials as before. Great thinking ELF, what’s next you going to save the Wales by shooting them all with harpoons.

If any ELF people read this, you are complete fucking retards!!! The only things you accomplish is getting people against your cause, instead of supporting it, and you make people like me (environmentalist) want to take a wooden bat to your heads. I bet you also used a gas powered car, when pouring gas on the house to start it on fire, before going back home to your wooden built house as well… Peop…

Latest Terrorist Activity and Results

Every news source and most people I know are talking about the latest terrorist attempt. Approximately 20 terrorist attempted to blow up some planes out of the U.K. bound for the U.S. the result of course being increased security and more of a pain in the ass when flying. Now they are talking about banning personal devices. Explosives can be hidden in devices, liquids

Is banning personal electronic devices, liquids, or whatever really going to prevent a terrorist from blowing up a plane? Probably not, because when it comes down to it, they will learn what they can get on a plain and will adapt. What’s next, an anal exam for each passenger as we board?

How did they catch this latest group? It wasn’t due to luggage inspections nor was it due to any actual airport security measure. It was due to police and intelligence agencies doing their jobs and catching the criminals ahead of time. This terrorist organization won and they didn’t kill a single person. Why? Because they have increased ou…

MS People Smell

I’m not sure if it’s this way in all the Microsoft corporate offices but I can speak in regards the one I’m in. What I’m noticing is a large number of the employees (male employees more specifically) have serious BO. The guy who sites directly next to me consistently smells in need of a shower, some days more then others. This morning, while walking down a hall, I passed a guy who smelled so bad I almost felt the urge to gag. I just now walked through a group of people standing and talking. I couldn’t tell if it was one or more but someone needed a shower. And don’t even get me started on the bathrooms and what happens there. If you have read any previous postings you probably have a good idea.

The odd part about this that I don’t understand is, Microsoft pays pretty damn well, even its contractors are paid well. We live in America where as far as I know they don’t build houses without basic plumbing. And even worse case scenario that a persons shower breaks, Microsoft has lockers and …

bathroom stench

You know what’s nasty? When you have to blow your nose and you go to the bathroom, go into a stall to grab some toilet paper and the stall REAKS!!!! You would think in this day and age, with the large number of people working in office complexes they could build a ventilation system to keep the bathroom stench at a minimum. I only wish my nose would have been more stuffed up now.

Dog Owners Who Ruin Things for Everyone Else

I recently read a totally one sided story about dog owners taking their dogs everywhere. Pet peeves: The dog who crashed the party implying pet owners with big dogs don’t control their animals.

Why is the other side of the story not told about responsible pet owners who control their animals? I agree that many pets run amuck but we shouldn’t ban all animals because of a few bad owners, we should ban the few bad owners. Personally, if taking my dog to a friends house or a party I check with the host first to make sure it’s ok, then when I do take my dog, I keep her under control at all time, usually keeping her right by my side. Also when taking her to outside seating at restaurants, I make her lay down until we are ready to leave. If more restaurants offered to allow pets in my area I guarantee they would see decent business from the owners. And like I said, if they are out of control, toss the owner along with the animal. I bet we would see an improvement in both animal and human b…

Free Speach, Not in America

In a country that promotes democracy and free speech, it’s interesting that our politicians are the ones against it. “Teacher under fire for his Cheney-9/11 theory” a person who happens to be a teacher spoke out on a talk show about his theory on 9/11 is now being condemned by politicians. How can we support free speech, when someone exercises that right they are then forced out of their job? It doesn’t matter if you buy in to what he is saying or not, he still has his rights to his opinions. If you don’t like what he believes then don’t take his class, or in this case, change the channel.

Arctic Oil Spills

I’ve always been against the idea of drilling in the Alaska Wildlife Refuge and it’s nice to read stories that support my opinion on the subject. Here is a story from MSNBC about oil spills BP closes some Alaska wells after allegations. The reason I’m pointing this out is that our conservative members of government claim the reason we should drill is improvements in safety and such. Well obviously it’s still not a perfect process. Personally I’m sticking behind the search for alternatives and increasing fuel economy.

The Seattle Supersonics are moving to Oklahoma?

Living in Seattle the big news today is the sale of the Sonics to a group of Oklahoma businessmen. The reason, the city won’t put up a bunch of money to build a new Arena. Do other cities make the same investment? My opinion is the same as it was with our other stadiums, it’s a business and the owners should flip the bill. Of course that didn’t stop them from raising taxes for those for Safeco or Qwest fields. If I wanted to build a coffee shop in Seattle I’m sure the city wouldn’t cover part of the bill? And the city shouldn’t be covering the bill on this one either.

I’ve been to Sonics games and had a good time when I was there. But do I go to games regularly? No. what I do experience is the traffic that always comes with any sporting event in Seattle. Will I miss that? Hell no! Yes, it’s too bad that we are loosing our oldest major sports team. And yes, it will probably affect city and local business revenue.

The city of Seattle wants money, the Sonics want money, and the owners want…

Road Rage

Finally now I have an excuse to swear and try to run people off the road. All thanks to a new study, ‘Road rage’ gets a medical diagnosis

Quotes to Prove You Are Smart

Occasionally I read other peoples blogs and its interesting how people always quote others to prove a point. I’ve been guilty of doing this myself. The thing to keep in mind when quoting people who died hundreds of years ago, is the world they lived in. For example, Thomas Jefferson said, “"Nothing is ours, which another may deprive us of." This makes sense; if someone can legally take it from me than it’s not mine. Update that to today’s world, and really it means I own nothing. If I don’t pay my property taxes, my house can be taken. In fact is there anything the government can’t take from me.

What’s my point here? Nothing really… Oh, how about, if you can’t come up with something interested to say yourself, shut the hell up.

Cry Like a Gambling Addicted Baby

I was reading someone else’s blog and they were commenting how depressed they are because they dropped out of law school because of a gambling problem, and now have to live off their parents instead of getting a real job, blah, blah, blah. Basically it offended me and I wrote this as a response to it. I’d link to his site so you can see the postings but totally forgot to note it.

Here’s what I said anyway:

…..Something that’s always amazed me about people with gambling addictions is how it’s always the addictions fault. Did the evil gambling addiction man make you spend all your (parents/governments) money at a casino? Did he physically grab your hand, force you to buy the chips and made you place the bets? “Excuses are like assholes, everybody has one, some just stink worse then others”

I’ve known people who were actual addicts, i.e. they had a physical addiction to something. If they didn’t shoot the heroin they would get sick. That’s an addiction.

I bet if your parents stop paying your…

Bad MySpace!?!?!?

Is it just me or do our law makers seem more out of touch with reality lately then usual? I just read an article on c/net news about a MySpace Crackdown " has been a center of drug activity, of gang activity, and of Internet predators," according to one of our republican senators. How does he know this? Is it some report he has read? Or did he actually go out set up an account and join a gang? Personally, I actually have a MySpace account and if I could use it as a good source for drugs, trust me I’d know about it.

An underage kid sets up a MySpace account meets some pedophile, the kid goes out and does whatever with the pervert and it’s the fault of MySpace. I’ve read multiple articles on this subject and rarely if at all do they mention the parents. Why is it the responsibility of the company to police this behavior? Everyone I talk to agrees that, it should be the responsibility of the parents, yet no one especially our government takes any actions to hold the p…

Microsoft big wig weirdo

The Seattle PI recently did a story about a big muckety muck at Microsoft, we'll call him Mr V.

Notice in this picturem we have a funny looking guy with a bunch of camera gear.

When I’m not busy bitching about things, I’m a photographer on the weekends and sometimes shoot weddings. I did a wedding for a couple who had it at a fancy house which turned out to be V's. The couple are acquaintances of his and he was loaning the place out, which was nice of him. Anyway as you can see in the picture, besides not knowing how to dress himself, he spent the wedding taking pictures of his own. I’ve never shot a wedding without other people running around shooting pics so no big deal. The point of this story is, the guy was an odd bird and kind of pushy. Actually that’s not the point, I’ll get to the point later. During the wedding he would walk down the isle, getting in peoples way to take a shot totally interfering with their view. One lady actually had to move seats because of him.

Now ba…

Finally something decent to say about Cingular.

Ok actually it isn’t decent about the company; it’s about many of the people who work for the company, or used to, since most everyone I know has quit by now. I’ve noticed in comparing Microsoft to Cingular, at Cingular a person would send out a funny little e-mail to their team or small group of friends, and the friends would laugh and comment on it. Microsoft on the other hand, not so… I’m compiling questions from a survey and someone had a funny response to one of the questions, I of course forwarded it to the other 4 people working on the project thinking they would appreciate it… not a single person responded, and before you say it, YES it was funny and respond worthy. Crazy professional at work people!!!

The Wonderful World Corporate Life

“Gosh I can’t wait to grow up, sit in an office staring at a computer all day. I want to work for enough money to buy a house and a fancy car, while making millions of dollars for some large corporation.” You might have thought that as a kind but I never did. The closest was making some rich millionaire type but unfortunately as a child you don’t think to yourself what you need to do to become one of those. Go to some fancy business school, start as a lower level executive and if you kiss enough butt, play the corporate PC game, then become the “big wig”. Why would someone want to do that? I don’t know. As each day goes by and I sit at a desk staring at a computer working for a large corporation I can feel the screen sucking the life and motivation out of me. Is my job easy? Sure. Is it better then most jobs? Yep. Does it pay well? Yes. Do I enjoy it and wake up looking forward to it everyday? No, never.

Why don’t I quite my bitching and go find a job I actually enjoy and want to do yo…

The Media Band Wagon

I read this article and wanted to comment as to how “right on” it was in regards to how the media will just jump on something and run with it as fact. It always amazes me as to the lack of actual information people use when developing opinions of subject, especially when it comes to narcotics. Most people who think they are bad have never actually tried any, don’t know anyone who’s an addict, and most likely don’t know the majority of their co-workers have partaken in illegal substances and still manage to live productive worthwhile lives.

Splash someone... Ha Ha... Funny

One thing I have never understood is why people think it’s funny to drive past people on the street and splash them!!! I was walking my dog and some jackass in a SUV, I’m thinking Liberty or older Cherokee, races around a corner so he can splash me and my dog with a mud puddle. He then drove off as I yelled, flipping him off to come back. People are so tough when they know they can get away with things like that, to bad they aren’t tough enough to get out of the truck and actually stand up for themselves.

For those of you out there that think those jokes are funny just respond to this post with where you want to meet. And try not to be a big coward about it and bring a bunch of buddies to protect you!! Or act like you will show then not show. And finally just fists, like in the old days before you realized you could cause a fight then run away from it like a little piece of shit!!

Washington’s Northwest Trek

Today I went to northwest trek, a place that touts itself as “a treasure for wildlife enthusiasts”. Anyone who knows me knows I’m morally against zoos and taking animals out of the wild, caging them and putting them on display for the ignorant public. This place actually offended me more then the typical zoo. It still had the fenced animals on display. It still had the morons howling at the wolves and loud children who have no concept of real wildlife. What really offended me was the fact that this place actually acted like it was some kind of animal refuge, like it actually cared about wildlife, like it actually was trying to make a different at $12.00 per adult and $8.00 per youth. What this place really is doing is taking animals from their natural habitat and displaying them so they can charge admission plus the price of a hot dog. At least zoos actually try to do some animal research in the process.

Motorola V3 RAZR

Last January I switched my phone service from AT&T to Cingular. I bought a black Motorola RAZR as did most people in my office. They were the cools phones and we got a deal on the price. Within the first 30 days I notice serious problems with the reception. I could set mine next to a coworkers and have 1 bar of signal on compared to a coworker having full signal. I took it down to a retail location and exchanged it. The second phone within a couple months started to develop fuzz and crap under the display within about a month or so of receiving it. I called and processed a warranty exchange on that device. Now, I’m on my third phone and guess what? More fuzz under the display. It’s been 5 months since I first purchased the phone and now I have my 4th one in the mail on it’s way to me. Back in the day I loved my Motorola Startac, unfortunately the RAZR ruined the company for me and I will never purchase a Motorola again.

Bigfoot in my house

Last weekend the roommate and her friend go sasquatching. They have been obsessed with finding him for quite a while now and regularly go on camping trips in search. Sunday night they come home with something, a damn two foot molds. Which of course they set on the coffee table in my living room partially wrapped in newspaper. And what it comes down to, T don't fu***ng care about big foot!!!!! Yet for some reason they have left it there ever since for anyone who comes over to see. And when I finally get sick of looking at the dam thing and throw it in the trash, I’m going to have to listen to them bitch because I’ve destroyed the proof they have been searching for. You want to know something, when they show up with Harry and he camps out in my back yard, then I will care about bigfoot. Until then, leave the dam plaster casts somewhere else.

Then come to find out… they aren’t ones she made, they are copies of ones that someone made a year ago. So really, who knows where they came f…

Freaken Yelping Dogs…

Yesterday I took my dog to the dog park and there was some lady with her dog. The dog is playing with a ball and the lady if throwing it. Every time the dog brings the ball back to her it barks tell she throws it again. I’m also playing fetch with my dog at the same time. Well, her dog decides it doesn’t want to play with her and starts chasing the ball that I’m throwing with my dog. Normally this doesn’t bother me, except for the yelping. My dog isn’t one for playing fetch with other dogs so she decides to sit it out. Of course, when my dog decides to stop, so do it. Her dog on the other hand doesn’t, he just sits in front of me barking…. Not once did that lady tell her dog to be quite, or even call the little beast over to her. I can only imagine the horror her neighbors have to deal with. When my dog starts barking, I actually tell her to be quite and I see no reason why other dog owners can’t do the same… you yelping dog people should be beat with your animals!!!

Money Well Spent

Here is a little something about the genus in the company I work for. My team has this policy that we have to travel to one of our call centers one week a month. No biggie for me since the company pays for it. They pay airfare, hotel, car, and food. This can run over a grand per person each month. The purpose of these trips is, to hang out and meet the people we work with. Is it worth the money spent on the trip? No, not at all. So this company will fly its people all over the country for no real reason but when it comes to equipment, they provide us with practically antique laptops. Our desks and chairs aren’t even close to ergomatic. And when it comes to raises we are some of the lowest paid people in our industry. But, whenever I talk to someone on the phone I can now say, I know what they look like and the best place in Lubbock Texas to get a steak

Dog Park People

I might have already bitched about dog park people on this blog before but just incase I haven’t….

I went to the dog park this morning, and there is this older lady with her fluffy white pure bread whatever the hell it is. She is in the process of going into the park and has her dog on a leash, no problem so far. I start to walk past her with my dog and head down the trail. I of course, have my dog off the leash since it’s an off leash dog park. Anyway this lady looks at me and my dog like my dog will attach her any second. My dog of course isn’t paying any attention to her. Anyway, this lady walks wide with her leashed dog, totally avoiding me. I walk past and take a nice little walk with my dog. When we get back around, the lady is leaving the park with her dog still on the leash.

Now for my bitching... Why take your snobby self and your pure bread dog to a leash-less dog park for a walk, and keep your dog on a leash for less then 10 minutes, while totally avoiding other dogs and p…

Future postings

I know I haven’t spoken about my job much other them the men’s room. Primarily that’s due to the fact that I’ve heard of stories were people get fired for smack talking their jobs in blogs. Well I’ve decided to change that trend. My job has recently become even less important to me then it was before. So those few of you who actually read this blog will see more work related crankiness in future postings.
Arrived into work a little early yesterday, which for me is odd so a co-worker asks, “What the hell are you doing here so early?”
My response, “actually the fucking construction was so close my fence this morning I could reach out and touch the guy who woke me up.... apparently no noise in the morning laws in my neighborhood.

Here is the IM conversation that followed… Names changed

Preacher Bob says:
No way
Cranky Monkey says:
Preacher Bob says:
Cranky Monkey says:
And as much as I really did want to reach over and touch the guy... he's just doing his job so I couldn’t blame him.
Preacher Bob says:
I bet if you called the cops or the city they'd stop them from starting so early.
Cranky Monkey says:
It’s ok. I look forward to the foundation and house that will be following, so close to my dining room, that way we can wave at each other, why they shag in the bedroom, and I eat dinner.
Cranky Monkey says:
If they leave the window open I can offer pointers
Cranky Monkey says:
And t…

"Here is one for your dead blog on bathroom crap."

A co-worker who knows I have a large number of bathroom comments on this blog sent this to me.

Edge Designs is a company run by all women - they design office interiors. They recently had an opportunity to
do a project in NYC where the client offered the women of this company a "free hand" in all design aspects.
The client was also a company that was run by all female execs. The result? Well, we all know that men never talk, never look at each other, and never laugh much in the restroom.
The men's room is a serious and quiet place. But now, with the addition of one mural on the wall, let's just say the men's restroom is a place of laughter
and smiles...

Got to Love the Men’s Room

It’s been a while since I last wrote but since no one really reads this blog it’s not like it matters that much…Ok, here’s one back to the men’s room at my office. I go to the men’s room and some guy is in the middle urinal. I use the one to the left. Just as I’m starting up he finishes up and rips a nasty one then goes to wash his hands and leaves. I’m stuck standing there finishing my business while inhaling the nastiness that came out of his ass. On top of that, I swear after leaving the bathroom the smell attached itself to me and I could smell it for at least an hour after.

more airline fun

I recently went on a trip to the southeast. The flight back left at 6:00am, meaning I had to get up at 4:00am, add the 2 hour time difference and it was like 2:00am to me. Since it was a direct flight from Atlanta to Seattle, I was thinking I could sleep on the plane. What ended up happening was something different. The pilot felt the need to make an announcement every once in a while. For example, “we are now flying over North Dakota at 4 thousand feet.” Or, “The captain has turned on the fasten seat belt sign.” You want to know something captain and stewardess…” We don’t freaken care where we are!!!!” All we care about is sleeping until the plane starts to descend. And I know the fasten seat belt is turned on, you know how I know that, because I can hear the bell and see the light flash! So, if for some crazy reason, you might be reading this, shut your damn mouths, and let people sleep on the plan, we don’t care what state we are currently over, and care even less about the damn …

A Free Year Of MSN Not Worth It.

When I purchased my computer it came with a free year of MSN. The service itself was almost not worth the no cost. Multiple times during that year I thought about canceling. I would like to tell you what happened after I canceled my service approximately 1 year and 1 month after starting it.

I received an e-mail stating that I had a balance owing of $21.95 and that I would need to go to a web site to update my credit card information, it had expired. I logged on and went to update my information. Since my account was canceled it would not let me update my credit card. I e-mailed MSN customer service stating that I could not update my credit card and requested they mail me a bill. I received a reply stating that they could not and the only way I could pay my bill was with a credit card. I e-mail back once again saying, I could not update my information on the web site, then how?
The response was to call 1-800-386-5550. I did as instructed and called. I asked if I could just pay my bill o…